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Article ASP Send Mail (CDONTS)
Using the CDONTS component to send email from ASP pages. With the arrival of IIS4 and the SMTP...
Views: 1236
Article ASP.NET Send MAIL
Introduction We are using System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail to send email in dotnet 1.1 which is obsolete...
Views: 1105
Article How to send email with PHP
compatible PHP 4.0.2 or higher ae_send_mail (below) can send mail when called with just four...
Views: 1224
Article Send Email through Mail Enable from ASP
oMeMail  = server.CreateObject("MEMail.message") oMeMail.Server =  ...
Views: 1299
Article Sending Mail from ASP with CDONTS.NewMail Object
Sending Mail from ASP with CDONTS.NewMail ObjectThe NewMail object gives you the ability to send...
Views: 1154


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