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Article 1.Logging In to Parallels Plesk Panel(Domain Owner)
To log in to your Parallels Plesk Panel:(Domain Owner)1. Open your web browser, and in the...
Views: 1260
Article 10.Accessing Data From External Databases(ODBC)
 Creating ODBC Connections to External DatabasesTo let your Web applications use external...
Views: 1306
Article 11.Setting Up Subdomains (Windows Hosting)
Setting Up Subdomains (Windows Hosting)􀂾 To set up a subdomain:1. Click Subdomains on your...
Views: 1650
Article 12.Restricting Bandwidth Usage for Sites
To avoid excessive usage of bandwidth, which can lead to resources overage, you canlimit...
Views: 2627
Article 13.Creating Virtual Directories
To create a new virtual directory on a domain:1. Go to Home > Virtual Directories. You are in...
Views: 2262
Article 14.How to Backup and Restore Files in Plesk 9.5
How to Backup and Restore Files in Plesk How to backup and restore files in Plesk. This...
Views: 1262
Article 15.Installing an SSL Certificate in Plesk 9.5
Installing an SSL Certificate in Plesk How to install an SSL certificate in Plesk. This...
Views: 1256
Article 16.Setting Up Access Permissions Inheritance for Files
􀂾 To set up access permissions inheritance for files and folders:1. Go to Home > File...
Views: 1115
Article 2.Becoming Familiar with Parallels Plesk Panel
When you log in to the Parallels Plesk Panel, it shows your Home page with shortcuts to the...
Views: 1994
Article 3.Changing Your Contact Information and Password
If you need to update your contact information, or change password:1. On your Home page, click...
Views: 1919
Article 4.Reviewing Your Hosting Package
To review or select the hosting features available for your account (if your provider delegated...
Views: 1248
Article 5.Creating Database
􀂾 To create a new database on your hosting account:1. On your Home page, click Databases.2....
Views: 1911
Article 6.Creating a Database User Account
If you collaborate with other people on managing a Web site and wish to give themaccess to the...
Views: 1199
Article 7.Changing Password of a Database User
􀂾 To change password for a database user:1. Go to Home > Databases > database name >...
Views: 1326
Article 8.Removing a Database User Account
􀂾 To remove a database user account:1. Go to Home > Databases > database name.2. Select...
Views: 1220
Article 9.Removing a Database
Removing a Database􀂾 To remove a database with its contents:1. On your Home page, click...
Views: 1266


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