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WHM-Cpanel Help
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Ms Sql 2008
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Joomla CMS
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Plesk Panel Guide 9.5
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Sending Mail from ASP with CDONTS.NewMail Object
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SMTP Error Codes
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Control panel Videos
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Whm Panel Guide
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Wordpress >> Security

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Article 12.Restricting Bandwidth Usage for Sites
To avoid excessive usage of bandwidth, which can lead to resources overage, you canlimit bandwidth usage for a site.􀂾 To limit the bandwidth for...
Views: 2810
Article 13.Creating Virtual Directories
To create a new virtual directory on a domain:1. Go to Home > Virtual Directories. You are in your Web site root now.2. Navigate to the...
Views: 2445
Article 2.Becoming Familiar with Parallels Plesk Panel
When you log in to the Parallels Plesk Panel, it shows your Home page with shortcuts to the operations you frequently perform.The top banner area...
Views: 2148
Article 3.Changing Your Contact Information and Password
If you need to update your contact information, or change password:1. On your Home page, click Personal Data.2. Update your information as...
Views: 2066
Article 5.Creating Database
􀂾 To create a new database on your hosting account:1. On your Home page, click Databases.2. Click Add New Database.3. Enter a name for the...
Views: 2064


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